Trenntoilette Emmy new in Anthrazit

Separating toilet

Emmy New

Our Emmy New is a compact dry separation toilet for campers or tiny house owners. It is elegant, lightweight and easy to use.

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Composting toilet BoKlo to Go


Our BoKlo to Go in the handy Systainer M337 from Festool or Tanos is compatible with the corresponding systems and is ideal for tradesmen.

Campers such as VW bus drivers or roof tent holidaymakers also benefit from the handy, unobtrusive and easy-to-transport design of the Systainer.

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Composting toilet BoKlo to Go

L-BOXX 374

Our BoKlo to Go in the handy Bosch L-BOXX 374 is compatible with the corresponding systems and is ideal for tradesmen.

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Trenntoiletten aus der Manufaktur

Ob Camping, Vanlife, Tinyhouse – Trenntoiletten sind die umweltfreundliche und intelligente Alternative: Fest- und Flüssigstoffe werden getrennt aufgefangen, sodass sich kein Geruch bildet. Und das alles komplett ohne Chemie.

Die Trenntoiletten von BoKlo werden in unserer Manufaktur in Wuppertal von Hand hergestellt und hier direkt vom Hersteller verkauft.

  • Outdoor Trenntoilette

    For your outdoor experience

    Especially in confined spaces, composting toilets are a great solution: In addition to being almost odor-free due to the separation of solids and liquids (but without any chemicals), our compact composting toilet also fits in visually.

  • Trockentrenntoilette Camping Wohnwagen

    The alternative also for "classic" campers

    Many of our customers appreciate the ecological and practical advantages of a composting toilet even in classic campers – not least because of the more convenient disposal, which simply takes place in the bag in the regular garbage.

  • Tinyhouse Trenntoilette

    For your needs everywhere

    Composting toilets are suitable for every application, no matter how specific – even in a stylish tiny house. Because they are not only practical and compact, but also extraordinarily elegant.

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our philosophy

When manufacturing the BoKlo dry separation toilets, we attach great importance to regionality, which means: from the first screw to the glue, even the packaging and the wood, we make sure that these individual items, which ultimately lead to our BoKlo dry separation toilet, are sourced from surrounding manufacturers or dealers, so a large part of the value chain remains in the region and jobs are created or retained.

Buy a dry separation toilet from BoKlo. For installation in a motorhome, van or caravan or as a mobile toilet to take with you on the go

If you're going to be sustainable, do it right! Buy composting toilets from BoKlo for installation in caravans, motorhomes or vans, but also as toilets for on the go and to take with you.
What is particularly sustainable about the Wuppertal manufacturer is not only the high-quality
Woods make them look very beautiful, but all components and even glue and screws are produced in the region.

A pleasant contrast to the usual plastic

BoKlo founder and owner Sven Bockermann has not discovered the principle of the dry separation toilet
invented, but optimized his models down to the last detail. The wooden paneling provides a pleasant contrast to the plastics that you can otherwise buy on the market. And what is inside the toilets for camping and outdoor does justice to the beautiful design in every respect.

You can have your new BoKlo dry separation toilet professionally retrofitted in the factory in Gevelsberg

A few years ago, Sven Bockermann wanted to equip his expedition vehicle with a dry toilet
retrofit, but couldn't find a product that completely convinced him and got to work himself. Since March 2021, customers have been buying dry separation toilets for mobile homes , caravans and vans, which BoKlo tailors to the respective vehicle in its factory in Gevelsberg.

More and more people are deciding to retrofit a dry separation toilet because they still can't get used to the factory-installed toilet or chemical toilet, even after years. Simply book your appointment for a consultation at the factory in Gevelsberg between Hagen and Wuppertal via the website.

Geruchsfreie Toilette kaufen. Den Inhalt darfst du fast überall entsorgen

Vor ein paar Jahren hat eine Untersuchung ergeben, dass nur 9 von 10 Campern die Wohnwagen- oder Wohnmobiltoilette tatsächlich auch nutzen. Viele bevorzugen den Gang zu sanitären Anlagen des Campingplatzes, was zwar bestimmt nicht jedermanns Sache ist, aber die wenigste Mühe macht.

Hygiene, Geruch und Entsorgung sind die größten Schwächen herkömmlicher Campingtoiletten für Caravan, Wohnmobil oder Van. Sven Bockermann hat bei der Entwicklung seiner BoKlo Trockentrenntoiletten vom Kunden her gedacht:

  • Sauber sollen sie sein,
  • nicht riechen,
  • mit wenig Aufwand zu entsorgen sein
  • und sich optisch in das Interieur einfügen.

Liquids and solids end up in separate containers without any smell

In the dry separation toilet, urine and faeces are collected in separate containers
collected, a separating insert under the seat (in BoKlo usually made of oiled
Wood) ensures that everything is in its place. The urine is discharged directly over
a tube into the urine container, at the upper end a
Membrane made of silicone that only the downward path is possible. Feces ends up in
rear container, into which a compostable bag is placed beforehand. After
Cat litter or bark mulch remove the droppings very quickly
Moisture. Dried feces have no smell, just like urine in its
tight tank.

Stay longer in nature: buy urine containers and feces containers separately

With BoKlo dry separation toilets, you no longer need special emptying stations. You simply empty the urine container in a toilet and put the bag from the excrement container in the household waste or compost. So that you can spend more time outdoors, away from toilets and garbage cans, BoKlo offers urine containers and excrement containers separately and at
at a fair price. Available volumes are 5 and 10 liters.

Buy BoKlo dry separation toilet: A strong option for craftsmen and all outdoor enthusiasts

Not only BoKlo’s assembled dry separation toilets are in high demand, but also mobile
Toilets to take with you
. You can also find the right toilet for your garden shed at BoKlo. A great option is thecomposting toilet for anyone who works on the move, such as tradesmen or landscape gardeners. Outdoor enthusiasts such as anglers, hunters and nature photographers have long since discovered the advantages for themselves - as have outdoor sports enthusiasts such as cyclists, canoeists and climbers, who always have their own toilet with them in the car.

BoKlo to Go

Emmy New