Information about dry separation toilets

How does a dry separation toilet work?
Basically, you sit on the dry separation toilet like you would on any other toilet. But as the name suggests, the dry separation toilets work completely without water. Urine and solids end up in separate containers in the toilet with the help of a specially shaped inlay.
How do I use a dry toilet?
So when you go to the toilet, the urine runs through this separator directly into the tank through a hose and the feces fall into a bucket. To ensure that the feces dry properly, some bedding or bark mulch is then placed over it.
Which bags for composting toilets?
Use compostable bags as waste bags for your solid waste bin in your composting toilet. The compostable bags will start to decompose after about 2 weeks.
Where is the urine and solid waste disposed of?
The urine can be disposed of in a normal toilet or at a disposal station. The garbage bag lasts for about two weeks and can be easily disposed of in a garbage can or composted.
Does urine smell?
The typical strong smell of urine only occurs outside the body when bacteria convert the urea into ammonia. Foreign substances such as water or cleaning agents accelerate this process.
What is the best way to remove the droppings?
Version 1: The droppings can be easily removed using cat litter. Advantage: very effective, economical, available everywhere, the emptying interval is extended. Disadvantage: There is always the possibility that the next toilet user will see the previous user's excrement.
Variant 2: The droppings are covered with a type of bark mulch, e.g. Biolan litter. Advantage: the excretions are completely covered and the next toilet user cannot see the excretions of the previous user. Disadvantage: Due to the amount of litter/mulch, a relatively large amount has to be taken along and the solid waste container must therefore be emptied more often.

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Are composting toilets also dry toilets?

Separate toilets and dry toilets are actually the same because neither requires water. Dry toilets differ from separate toilets in that they do not necessarily separate the solids from the urine.

We currently only offer composting toilets. Disposal is very simple and unconventional. No chemicals or other additives are required.

How does a composting toilet work