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Emmy Stationary

Emmy Stationary

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Our dry separation toilet Emmy Stationary Okoume oiled

Compact composting toilet with the grey Privy separating insert; body made of multi-layer wood, rounded using a special process - for use in tiny homes, garden homes, holiday homes and mobile homes. Internal urine canister, with the option of external drainage.

  • functional and stable wooden composting toilet, aesthetically shaped
  • Small space requirement and easy handling due to the hinged top
  • the design allows the use of the internal urine canister - however, it is optionally possible to divert to an external container with a higher capacity
  • Housing is made of Okoume multilayer board, oiled
  • 50.5 cm deep, 43 cm wide, height 49.5; weight approx. 15.5 kg
  • with height and volume optimized 10l faeces collection container and 10l urine compact canister
  • Incl. connector/ bracket and 2m hose (inner diameter) for optional drainage to an external canister (2-in-1 equipment)

Delivery time: approx. 1-3 days


Compact, sturdy designer wooden separation toilet called "Emmy" made of Okoume multi-layer board. The wooden body is rounded at the front at the edges and is characterized by strength and dimensional stability. This curved housing made of multi-layer wooden boards is made possible by a special manufacturing process. Okoume is highly resistant to moisture and weather. The designer wooden separation toilet has compact dimensions and can also be used in confined spaces. The elaborately manufactured upper part can be opened and has a removable wooden seat. The lid is enclosing - a separation toilet as a functional piece of jewelry that invites you to use it as seating furniture. The Separett Privy separation insert 401 is installed. Privy separates human excreta with its special separation bowl with draining urine tube - in conjunction with an exhaust air system and a little litter, it is odor-free and hygienic.

- Housing and lid: wood (Okoumé, PFSC certified)

- Base material is waterproof glued and particularly robust

- no swelling when wet.

- Hinges: burnished brass

- Divider insert: Privy 401

- Container: Polyethylene (PE),

Mass weight

Dimensions closed in mm:

Depth 505mm

Width 430mm

Height 495mm


The weight of Emmy is 15.5 kg.

scope of delivery

- Dry separation toilet made of oiled Okoume wood

- Divider insert Privy 401

- Urine canister with closed lid for transporting the urine canister (DN 96)

- Solid waste bin with lid

- Connector / bracket and Privy urine tube (2m long, 32mm inner diameter, 38mm outer diameter) for external drainage - this allows external canisters with a larger volume to be used as an option

scope of application - ecological, waterless sanitation solution in island locations without water or electricity supply (photovoltaics)
- in your home as an ecological alternative
- in your tiny house without sewage connection
- in the garden house or holiday home as a composting toilet
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