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BoKlo composting toilet Emmy new garnet red

BoKlo composting toilet Emmy new garnet red

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Choose from several variations

Height of the toilet
Lid glasses

Our Emmy composting toilet with top HPL coating, soft close and in the new 2023 design.

Height L = 45cm - Urine = 10L - Solids = 10L

Height S = 32cm - Urine = 5L - Solids = 5L

  • ❗️Softclose lid & glasses ❗️
  • Compact dry separation toilet with 10 litre urine and solid waste container each
  • Environmentally friendly use without water and chemicals
  • Sealing with oil
  • Waterproof Okoume plywood with HPL coating, scratch resistant, ❗️actually anti-fingerprint❗️
  • ready for immediate use
  • Separator insert holder
  • it can be disposed of (almost) anywhere
  • ideal for motorhomes, vans and tiny houses
  • handcrafted from fine wood
  • designed and manufactured in Germany

Delivery time: approx. 10 days

Our wooden separation toilet for motorhomes and tiny houses

Stay longer at your holiday destination with your Emmy and don't worry about disposing of your toilet .

The new BoKlo Emmy is the alternative to your chemical toilet in your camper van. No matter where you go with your camper van and where you spend the night - the BoKlo Emmy composting toilet is different and offers you independence.


- Housing and lid: wood (Okoumé, PFSC certified)

- Base material is waterproof glued and particularly robust

- no swelling when wet.

- Available in wood anthracite or white with robust HPL coating

- Hinges: with soft close

- Divider insert: PS-polystyrene

- Container: Polyethylene (PE),

- recyclable, acid-resistant

Mass weight

Dimensions closed in mm:

Height L-450/S-32

Height with opened lid 850 / 710

Depth 400

Width 310


The weight of the Emmy L is 7 kg - 9 kg

scope of delivery

- Dry separation toilet made of wood with HPL coating

- Divider insert

- Silicone odor trap

- Urine canister with closed lid for transporting the urine canister (DN 96)

- Solid waste bin with lid

- 1 roll of toilet paper

- Pine bark litter 100% natural

- Organic garbage bags

scope of application - Motorhomes with small toilet / bathroom area
- As a permanent toilet for campers
- As a permanent toilet for vans/buses
- Tiny houses
- Gazebo
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BoKlo composting toilet Emmy