Buy and retrofit a dry separation toilet from BoKlo for your caravan. The clean solution even for longer stays away from campsites

Fortunately, the sanitary facilities on modern campsites have little in common with the mass wet rooms and tiled hells of previous generations. And yet they are not for everyone. The alternative for your caravan is the dry separation toilet from BoKlo. It does not require water or chemical additives and does not smell. Another plus is that it is extremely easy to empty, for which you no longer have to drive to or visit special disposal stations.

Dry separation toilet

The dry separation toilet is the ecological and clean solution for caravans

Liquid and solid residues are collected separately in containers for urine and feces in the dry separation toilet for the caravan.

  • The urine flows directly into the tank via a separating insert. There is a silicone lid on the upper inlet that only opens to collect the body fluid. This means nothing can flow back or smell. The urine container can be closed tightly using a screw cap.

You can buy solids and urine containers in 5l and 10l sizes

  • Excrement falls directly into the solid waste container under the seat. Ideally, it ends up in compostable bags, which only start to decompose after 10 to 14 days. The solid waste is best covered with cat litter or bark mulch, which means it quickly loses its moisture and does not smell. This container also needs to be securely closed.

You can dispose of the contents of the dry separation toilet cleanly and safely at any drain (urine container) and in any garbage container, or you can compost it. If you are enjoying your caravan life in the middle of nowhere away from campsites for a longer period of time, buy urine containers and 5l or 10l solid waste containers as well. You can simply store full containers under your caravan until you return to civilization.

Sven Bockermann's young company from Wuppertal has already won many camping friends as customers since March 2021 and when you look at these high-quality, handcrafted dry separation toilets, you'll immediately know why.

The BoKlo Manufaktur in Gevelsberg also retrofits a dry separation toilet for your caravan

Not only do they look good, but their functionality and quality surpass almost all comparable toilets for camping fans that can be bought on the market. The first visual distinguishing feature of the dry separation toilets for caravans: Wherever possible, BoKlo uses wood as a natural material and of course only wood that is resistant to water and dirt.

The BoKlo factory also installs the dry separation toilet in your caravan. Simply arrange an appointment for individual advice at the factory in Gevelsberg on the A1 between Hagen and Wuppertal via the website.