Retrofit a dry separation toilet at BoKlo. The clean solution for mobile homes and caravans. Book your consultation appointment at the factory in Gevelsberg

Almost all caravans and mobile homes are now built with their own toilets. However, it is estimated that 9 out of 10 toilets are hardly used. This is almost always due to the system that is installed as a chemical toilet and a water toilet. The BoKlo manufacturer from North Rhine-Westphalia counteracts this with its retrofittable dry separation toilets: Hygienic, odorless, easy to empty and attractive to look at thanks to the high-quality wood. You too can have your dry separation toilet retrofitted by BoKlo in Gevelsberg at a fair price.

Dry separation toilet

Book your consultation appointment for the retrofittable dry separation toilet via the website

To do this, simply book your consultation appointment via the website. Gevelsberg is located directly on the A1 between Hagen and Wuppertal and can be reached from all locations in NRW in less than 2 hours by car. For the many interested parties from the Ruhr area, Sauerland and Bergisches Land, it is only a stone's throw away.

BoKlo founder, owner and inventor Sven Bockermann. "We want to professionally retrofit your dry separation toilet in your vehicle . There are so many details to consider that we want to take a close look at every installation situation - also to protect you from disappointment."

Uncomplicated emptying and disposal are the biggest advantages

Before retrofitting your dry separation toilet , be sure to contact us a few weeks before your vacation, as demand for BoKlo toilets has risen sharply since the company was founded in March 2021.

One of the reasons is that the odorless dry toilet is extremely easy to empty and the waste is easy to dispose of. Chemical toilets today use ecologically sound cleaning agents, but disposing of mixed urine and excrement is and remains a tedious, dirty job.

BoKlo also has the perfect toilet for your garden house

This is also why many outdoor enthusiasts or garden house owners prefer to use the toilets at the campsite or allotment association rather than having to go to the emptying station.

Dry separation toilets, which you can retrofit your caravan or motorhome with at BoKlo, work like this:
• They collect feces and urine in separate 5l or 10l containers. A compostable bag goes into the solid waste container.
• Excrement is sprinkled with cat litter or bark mulch, which means it dries out quickly and doesn't smell.

Dry separation toilet can be rotated and swivelled for optimal use of space

Both containers are very easy to remove and nothing can spill over. By the way: When retrofitting your dry separation toilet, we make sure that it is installed so that it can be rotated and swiveled as much as possible and that it can also be emptied from the outside via the service hatch. You won't need any tools.