Buy a solid waste container for the BoKlo dry separation toilet. This way you can extend your stay in the great outdoors away from civilization

BoKlo dry separation toilets collect liquid and solid waste in separate containers; they do not require any water, cleaning agents or chemical additives. This is an advantage when emptying camping and outdoor toilets, as you no longer have to visit special disposal stations. Urine ends up in the nearest toilet, and the contents of the solid waste container can be disposed of in a normal garbage can. Before longer stays away from campsites, it is advisable to buy additional urine and solid waste containers.

Solids container

Choose between 5l and 10l capacity

At the Wuppertal company BoKlo, these containers hold 5 or 10 liters. Have you found a nice spot on a lake or river in the great outdoors on holiday, far away from all the hustle and bustle? Are your supplies well stocked and do you have plenty of gas?

You leave filled solid containers until you return to civilization

Then you'll definitely want to stay longer than just one or two nights. With extra solid waste containers and urine containers , you can enjoy the best time to the fullest. Both collection containers can be closed tightly and without any odors, and while you're at your dream spot, you can park the plastic tanks in a suitable place - for example, under the caravan or camper van or behind the tent.

Never dispose of camping toilets in the open air

Because we assume one thing: you will definitely not dispose of your excrement from the camping toilet in the great outdoors. This is prohibited for environmental reasons and can be painfully expensive if you are caught doing so. In some countries, you can even go to jail for it.

Urine and solids containers are tightly sealable and odorless

Urine and solid waste containers , which you can buy individually from BoKlo at a fair price, are odorless. The urine is fed directly into the tank via a separating insert and passes through a silicone valve that closes the other way round. Before taking it out, you screw a screw cap over the opening. The solid waste container is filled with compostable bags, excrement falls directly into it and should be covered with cat litter or bark mulch after going to the toilet. This way, the excrement quickly loses its liquid and doesn't stink.

Important to know: The organic bags start to decompose after about 14 days, so you are on the safe side if you dispose of them after 10 days or close the container and put it away until you reach civilization again.