Want to enjoy the great outdoors for a while? Simply buy urine containers online for BoKlo dry toilets and enjoy the best time

Do you love vacations in a motorhome or caravan and enjoy relaxing for a few days away from civilization? Then it's a good idea to have enough empty urine containers and containers for solid waste with you for the BoKlo dry separation toilet . You can simply park full containers under the motorhome or caravan: securely screwed on and odorless. New, empty containers are easy to insert and don't require any tools.

This way you can enjoy your holiday in beautiful nature and away from all the hustle and bustle. You can store water and if your gas supplies are sufficient, you can get by without electricity for a while. But what about what we leave behind every day? Hiding in the bushes is not everyone's cup of tea and is definitely not a clean solution.

Urine container for the dry separation toilet in the motorhome and caravan with 5l and 10l capacity

With the new dry separation toilets for motorhomes and caravans from BoKlo, you are on the safe side: you can buy urine containers and those for solid substances separately from the system at a fair price. This means you can live self-sufficiently even during longer stays and you don't have to interrupt your precious time by driving somewhere to empty them.

You can buy urine containers online from BoKlo with a capacity of 5 or 10 liters. The solid containers that you can buy separately also hold this volume. Before you leave, remember to take enough bags with you for the poop bins. It is best to use compostable ones, which only decompose after about 14 days. Please never dispose of your waste in the open air or in bodies of water, as this is harmful to the environment and can be very expensive if you are caught doing so.

Wood instead of plastic: The Boklo dry separation toilet looks good in any interior

BoKlo's new generation of dry separation toilets have only been available since March 2021, but demand has skyrocketed since then. This is certainly also due to the high-quality workmanship in the factory in Gevelsberg in North Rhine-Westphalia. The excrement and urine containers are made of plastic, as is the separating insert under the lid. Wherever possible, however, Sven Bockermann and his employees use wood as a material that is treated to be resistant to liquids and dirt. BoKlo's dry separation toilets are not only functional, but also very high-quality in terms of feel and appearance.

Book your consultation in Gevelsberg

Have you not yet had your caravan or motorhome retrofitted with a dry toilet ? Simply book an appointment for your consultation in Gevelsberg via the website. The city is located directly on the A1 between Hagen and Wuppertal and can be reached from anywhere in NRW in less than 2 hours.