Buy BoKlo dry separation toilet for your motorhome. The most hygienic solution even for longer stays in the great outdoors

Buy a dry separation toilet from BoKlo. This is also a smart decision for your motorhome . Read here why.

As a motorhome owner, you love the freedom to enjoy nature wherever it is most beautiful, where your stay does not disturb anyone and where overnight stays are permitted. Because you would quickly get bored of only driving to official campsites with your four-wheeled caravan.

With this mobile home dry toilet you will be independent of emptying stations

But where do we put what we leave behind every day? Conventional toilets in mobile homes have the disadvantage that they can only be emptied at special disposal stations. This is different with the dry separation toilet for mobile homes from BoKlo. In future, you can dispose of liquid and solid waste as easily and (almost) anywhere as you would dispose of waste water in a sink and household waste in the bin.

The motorhome toilet works according to these simple principles

The BoKlo dry separation toilet works according to these two principles:

  • Liquids and solids do not come into contact with water or chemicals. Water and cleaning agents accelerate the development of odors - for example, urine only develops its strong odor outside the body, where bacteria convert the urea into ammonia.
    Dried feces do not smell. In the BoKlo dry separation toilet for the motorhome, you sprinkle it with cat litter or bark mulch and quickly remove moisture from it.

  • Separation. If solid and liquid wastes come together, they smear and stink. In the BoKlo dry separation toilet for the camper, urine runs directly into the tank via the separating insert under the toilet seat. Feces falls into the solid waste container, in which you have placed a compostable bag, like in a garbage can.

You can buy urine and solid waste containers for BoKlo dry separation toilets

Even longer stays in the great outdoors are no longer a problem with BoKlo dry separation toilets for the motorhome . You can buy urine containers and solid waste containers separately online. Keep filled containers tightly closed, e.g. under the motorhome, until you reach your next destination and can dispose of your waste correctly.

Professional installation for every motorhome in Gevelsberg / NRW

BoKlo installs the dry separation toilet of your choice in your motorhome. Wherever possible, owner Sven Bockermann and his team use wood as a natural material. The toilet can be installed in motorhomes of all brands and sizes and can be rotated and swiveled. It can be emptied from the outside via the service hatch or from the inside.

You can easily book your consultation appointment in our factory in Gevelsberg, directly on the A1 between Wuppertal and Hagen, via the BoKlo website.