Buy high-quality composting toilets from BoKlo. The most hygienic solution for everyone who likes to be outdoors and wants to be self-sufficient

Buying a composting toilet is the easiest and most hygienic solution for anyone who travels with a caravan or motorhome and enjoys spending time outdoors. It is also a great option for tradespeople or gardeners and landscapers who want to be self-sufficient in their workplace and no longer want to ask anyone to allow them to do their business wherever they are.

BoKlo installs the composting toilet precisely in your caravan or motorhome

Since March 2021, the young company BoKlo from Wuppertal has been convincing people with innovative, high-quality composting toilets that you can buy online and have installed by professionals in your caravan or motorhome. Here you get mobile toilets for your money that don't look as bulky as many others you can buy.

Advantages of the toilet on the go: Odourless and can be disposed of almost anywhere

Inventor and developer Sven Bockermann attaches great importance to functionality as well as a beautiful appearance with his BoKlo composting toilets, using wood that is naturally resistant to moisture and dirt. Buy your new toilet for on the go and to take with you from BoKlo online with personal advice and benefit from this system, which is quite easy to explain:

  • Liquid and solid waste ends up in separate containers.
  • A separating insert under the seat ensures that urine is directed directly into the tank and excrement ends up in its own collection container without smearing.

The urine container has a silicone membrane on top that allows the liquid to flow downwards but blocks the flow in the opposite direction. This means that nothing spills over and everything is odor-free.

Simply remove the container from above or through the service flap

  • Bags are hung in the waste container just like in the garbage can at home. Ideally, you should buy compostable ones for your new composting toilet, which will decompose after about 10 days.
  • You can cover solid droppings with cat litter or bark mulch, both of which quickly remove moisture from the droppings so that they don't smell.
  • To empty them, remove both containers from above or use the service hatch on your motorhome or caravan.
  • You dispose of urine in any available toilet. Feces end up in normal household waste or on the compost.

Buy a composting toilet from BoKlo : This is the visually appealing top solution for camping fans, van lovers, garden house and arbor owners, tradesmen in the field, anglers, hunters, nature photographers, but also outdoor sports enthusiasts who do not want to do without their own little place after cycling, climbing or canoeing.