Buy a mobile toilet from BoKlo. The clean solution for tradesmen, outdoor campers and anyone who loves being outdoors

Buy BoKlo portable toilet online . A great solution not just for tradesmen.

“May I use your toilet, please?”

Craftsmen, fitters, gardeners and landscapers, like many other professional groups, find themselves in the situation of having to ask this question almost every day and nobody really likes doing it. Clients, tenants and homeowners will not turn a blind eye to this request because there are rarely alternatives to letting strangers use your own toilet. It is certainly a special situation.

Dry separation toilet

The odourless solution in practical Festool or Eurobox format

A strong option with advantages for both sides are the mobile toilets for on the go, which you can buy online from BoKlo. These are odor-free dry separation toilets that conveniently have the dimensions of Festool Syntainers, Bosch or Euroboxes and can be ideally stored in any van.

Dry and separate is the principle of the toilet for on the go. With 5 litre containers for liquids and solids

The BoKlo toilet for on the go collects liquid and solid waste separately in two containers for urine and feces. There is a separating insert under the seat: urine runs directly into the container and passes through a silicone insert that prevents anything from splashing back. Before transporting the mobile toilet, this insert is screwed tightly with a screw cap.

Feces fall directly into the container, which you should ideally fill with a compostable bag beforehand. Put cat litter or bark mulch on top, both of which absorb moisture quickly, because - as dog owners know - dry feces don't smell. Both containers hold 5 liters each, which is enough for most work teams. This also makes the toilet easy to carry away when you're on the go.

Easy to dispose of in the sink or trash can

To dispose of your waste, you do not have to go to a special emptying station, as you do with chemical or non-separating toilets. The excrement can be put in the household waste or compost, and urine can be put in any drain.

This makes the BoKlo Systainer and the BoKlo L-Boxx, as the models are called, ideal for anyone who works on the go. But also for outdoor campers, van life lovers, tiny house residents, garden house owners and allotment gardeners, nature photographers, hunters or anglers.

The portable toilet is the top solution for outdoor athletes

The portable outdoor toilet is also ideal for anyone who does sports in the fresh air: parents of cyclists, canoeists, climbers or skiers know the problem. All you need for the mobile toilet is an opaque place that is as protected from the rain as possible...