BoKlo dry separation toilets make camping truly self-sufficient and hygienic. Permanently mounted in your vehicle or as a mobile box

Toilets and sanitary facilities on campsites are not everyone's cup of tea, but for many people, having their own toilet in a camper van or caravan is not either. Emptying and disposing of waste is particularly difficult. With dry separation toilets for camping , which you can buy from BoKlo, life outdoors becomes easier. In terms of use, emptying and disposal, they are the best solution currently available on the market.

Beautiful wooden look for your motorhome or caravan

The young company from Wuppertal, with its own factory in neighboring Gevelsberg, processes high-quality materials. Plastic cannot be avoided for hygienic reasons, but the housing is made of attractive, water- and dirt-resistant wood whenever possible. This is what distinguishes BoKlo's products from other suppliers' models at first glance.

Here, customers buy high-quality dry separation toilets for camping holidays, which they will enjoy for many years. Basically, you have to distinguish whether you want a camping toilet

  • want to install permanently in your motorhome, caravan or van,
  • or whether the box should be removable.

The dry toilet separates liquid and solid substances when camping

There are good reasons for both options. The principle is the same for both options:

  • The camping dry toilet does not require water or chemical additives.
  • Feces and urine are collected in separate containers.
    Urine is passed directly into the container via a silicone membrane.
    Feces falls into a separate container, which is filled with a compostable bag.
    Then cat litter or bark mulch is placed on top, the droppings dry quickly and do not smell.
  • You can empty the urine into the nearest toilet, and feces can be disposed of in the household waste or put into the compost.

In the factory in Gevelsberg, your camper will also be professionally retrofitted

BoKlo also equips your motorhome or caravan with the right dry toilet at a fair price. There is a good chance that you will actually use your toilet on your next camping holiday, which, by the way, very few outdoor fans do these days. Apparently, emptying and disposing of the waste is too much work for most people.

Book your consultation appointment in good time

BoKlo founder Sven Bockermann and his team look at every camping vehicle in their factory in Gevelsberg before they start work on the retrofitting. You can secure your consultation appointment using the contact form . The factory-installed toilet is dismantled and replaced with the dry separation toilet. In most cases it will be rotatable or swivelable in order to make optimal use of the space.