Explore foreign countries cleanly with outdoor toilets and van toilets from the BoKlo Manufactory

What used to be the VW bus is now the van. We Germans in particular love to explore foreign countries on our own four wheels and, in contrast to the past, most travellers today are more careful with the nature of the countries we visit and whose guests we are. And so the outdoor experience and travelling in a van have long since included a toilet on the go.

Dry separation toilet

What is ideal for your van? A permanently installed or removable toilet?

Choose whether the dry separation toilet is to be permanently installed in your van/bus from BoKlo or whether it should be removable. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages. Take a look at the new van toilets and outdoor toilets from BoKlo. In the factory in Gevelsberg between Hagen and Wuppertal, they are manufactured with great love for high-quality materials such as wood and a passion for detail.

The simple principle: liquids and solids are separated without water or chemicals

The BoKlo dry separation toilets work according to a simple principle: urine and feces are collected in separate containers that are located under the separating insert under the seat. Both can be closed tightly and the waste is odorless. The urine only develops its pungent smell when it is mixed with water or cleaning agents, which creates ammonia. The feces end up in a compostable bag in its own container and are covered with card litter or bark mulch. This means it loses its moisture and doesn't stink.

For longer stays, buy urine and solid waste containers as a reserve

You can dispose of the urine in the nearest toilet as soon as you return to civilization. The dried feces end up in the household garbage or compost. If you are staying in the wild for several days, it makes sense to buy additional urine and solid waste containers before the trip.

This is what you should consider before buying the van toilet: seat height, dimensions, weight empty or filled

Before you buy your outdoor toilet or van toilet online from BoKlo, you should consider the following:

  • Seat height. For people over 1.90m, it is not so easy to squat on a toilet that is only 33cm high. The alternative is 45cm. By the way: your van toilet is ideal as a seat when closed.
  • Dimensions: What size can you fit in your van?
  • Depending on the model, the empty van and outdoor toilet weighs between 4 and 9 kg. It becomes heavier depending on the fill level and size of the collection containers (5l or 10l).
    Removing the containers is child's play, so you can take the chassis and tanks to your toilet separately.

The boss himself will answer your questions. Simply chat with Sven Bockermann via the website.