For allotment gardeners and homeowners: BoKlo also builds the optimal and hygienic garden house toilet for your purposes

A beautiful garden house needs its own toilet . Period.

This applies to garden houses in allotments and to the garden house that you use as a guest house in your garden, for example. You can buy the perfect and hygienically perfect garden house toilet for your purposes online from BoKlo with advice from the designer himself.

Dry separation toilets for garden houses made of beautiful woods and in exciting designs

Sven Bockermann from Wuppertal makes his models by hand in different sizes and many exciting designs. They differ from plastic toilets from other manufacturers through the use of beautiful woods in many exciting colors.

Life in your own allotment garden is supposed to be carefree, but it is not always so easy to enjoy it due to the Federal Allotment Garden Act. There are certainly many regulations regarding swimming pools, living space for gazebos or the diameter of trampolines that can be disputed.

Buy composting toilets that work without water and chemicals

But definitely not about how to deal with feces and wastewater. This means that the toilet for the garden house must comply with current regulations and all BoKlo models do. Here you can buy separation toilets that do not require water or chemicals and collect solid and liquid waste in separate containers.

There is a separating insert under the seat: the urine is directed directly into the tank provided for it, while excrement falls into its own container, which is filled with a compostable bag. Both can be easily removed after doing your business and for transporting to disposal, and can be sealed completely tightly. This means that your BoKlo garden house toilet is odor-free in every version.

The BoKlo toilet is ideal for the garden house as a guest house

After the dog has done his business, it is best to sprinkle the droppings with cat litter or bark mulch, which will help them absorb moisture quickly. You can put the droppings in the household waste or use them for composting. Empty the urine container in every toilet, including the sanitary facilities in the clubhouse, for example.

The BoKlo dry separation toilet offers you and all guests of your garden house freedom and comfort on your own lawn. No one has to go into the house to relieve themselves, which is a convenient advantage, especially at night.

Choose the size, material and design that suits your needs from the many garden house toilets. Do you have any questions about your new BoKlo toilet for the garden house? Then chat with owner and designer Sven Bockermann via the website.